8pm - 9.30pm GMT, Sunday 29th of November 2020

Knowing how to connect with your passion and purpose is essential for happiness and a deep sense of fulfillment in life. And yet most of us only have a vague idea of what they are.

Join me, live online, for an inspiring 90-minute workshop. During our time together I will show you how to connect with the key elements to finding and feeling proud of your life's work, however humble or grand that may be. Your passion and purpose await you!

This online workshop is totally free and open to all, with love from me, your Passion and Purpose Coach, Saskia x 🙂


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If you've been following me for a while, you know that I'm on a mission to have an amazing, happy and relaxed life that fulfills me on all levels. 
What enabled me to go from someone who lived in fear - overwhelmed, overworked and stressed out - to someone who manifests her dreams?  The key was learning what really makes me tick.
I used to think I wanted lots of money. I used to think that I wanted a snazzy car and a millionaire's house on a tropical beach. 
Through the self-development work I did whilst I was training to become a life coach in 2013, I discovered that I'd got it all wrong. What really set me on fire was not money; it was love and connection, in my personal life and in my work.  What I really wanted was not snazzy 'things'; it was to feel free and adventurous, in the world and in my mind. 
And that's when life started to flow; that's when the fear stopped holding me back from my dreams. I discovered my real self and I was alight with my TRUE passion and purpose.
I'm not saying that I don't ever feel afraid. I do. But now I have the resources within myself to move through the fear to a place where I feel empowered and capable again.  
Finding your true passion and purpose will set you alight too.
Finding Your Passion and Purpose

1.  Discover what actually makes your soul sing.

2.  Experience clarity. confidence and trust in your life-path.

3.  Give yourself permission to slow down and follow your heart.

4.  Allow your life to flow, full of passion and purpose.

Most of us are navigating through life using a map that was given to us when we were too young or naive to know how to create our own maps. Is it any wonder that, despite how hard we work, we never seem to get any closer to the destination we have imagined for ourselves? 

In this online workshop I will be holding your hand, giving you step-by-step practices for creating your own map so that you can finally discover your true passion and purpose. This workshop is a safe and sacred space for you to explore who you truly are.

Who are you now

Connecting with your passion and purpose is more powerful than you can know when it comes to transforming your experience of fulfillment, ease and self-confidence in life. You deserve to know these precious things about yourself.


What you need to attend this Online workshop

  • A computer, tablet, iPad or smart phone, to listen and interact in the workshop.
  • 90 minutes of no-interruptions time, to attend the workshop. This is an opportunity for you to show your commitment to deeply connecting with yourself in a way that is going to bring you happiness and a sense of soul-purpose.
  • Paper and pen for writing down your learnings - when it comes to transformation, writing your thoughts, feelings and goals down by hand is far more powerful than typing.
  • An open mind and a hope-filled heart 🙂

Join us at 8pm GMT on Sunday 29th of November for an amazing experience that will reconnect you with your sense of passion and purpose in life.

P.s. If you have friends or family who would love this workshop too, please know it's open to everyone and you can send them the link to this sign-up page or click the social share buttons, with my love 🙂

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