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FREE Online Clean Eating Workshop

Monday 24th September, 8:00pm - 9:15pm UK Time

About Your Workshop Host, Saskia

"I originally became interested in clean-eating and raw food back in 2005, but it took me another 3 years and a life-changing car accident to actually motivate myself to really give it a go. I was bumbling through life feeling low on energy, high on stress and generally pretty rubbish about myself when the biggest and most profound event of my life happened in 2007.

The accident gave me a wake-up call - I found myself re-evaluating what was important. It felt like a waste of life to hate myself and my body.  I made a commitment to myself: to learn how to love myself and to be deep-down happy.

When I discovered the profoundly life-enhancing effects of eating a predominantly vegan and high raw diet everything fell into place. I experienced the fast track to sorting out my food and body issues as well as being able to get off the emotional roller coaster. I felt at peace and in control of my life for the first time.

In finding myself, I also found my passion and my calling - not only to learn how to love myself and be deep-down happy, but to help other women do the same. Since then I have been blogging, mentoring and life coaching, inspiring myself and others to fall in love with life.  I am the proud author of four recipe books and three online detox programmes, as well as having a thriving life coaching practice that I adore.

As a certified Raw Food and Life Coach, I’ve directly coached and taught more than 900 women about the body, mind and spirit benefits of eating a clean diet with plenty of raw food. I’ve shown my clients how to let go of their fears and to honour themselves and their natural intuitive wisdom."

Saskia Fraser - your detox expert, guide and mentor during the workshop

It's Time to Be Good to Yourself

During the workshop I'll be giving you the details of my story; from body-shy, moody, and unmotivated couch potato, to body-confident, energised and inspired entrepreneur and life coach. (Confession: I wore my first string bikini at 42, and felt gorgeous in it!! I'm still feeling very happy about that particular win 😉 ) .

I'll also be sharing with you my 10-years of clean-eating and raw food expertise, alongside easy tips for how to kick-start your own deliciously healthy eating habits so that you can increase your energy and feel fantastic about yourself too. Your own health and well-being transformation starts right here.

It's time to have faith in yourself and lake the leap. Join our gorgeous group of health-conscious, joy-seeking women for our Energise Your Life workshop. It's online, totally free, and inspirational. Just what the doctor ordered on a Monday evening, hanging out with a bunch of soul sisters online.

You Deserve More

I know how demoralising it is to feel drained, exhausted and fed up with not liking what you see in the mirror; knowing that you’re just not being the best of yourself.  So I'm here to help you do something about it.  This free online workshop is right for you if ...

  • You wish you felt healthy and vibrant.
  • You want more from your life but feel tired and like you’re running on empty a lot of the time.
  • You wish you looked and felt lighter, younger and more confident.
  • You crave mental clarity and emotional balance.
  • You struggle out of bed in the morning and flop as soon as your day ends, wishing you had more energy.
  • You want to replenish your energy, feel great and lose weight, whilst still being able to enjoy delicious food!
  • You like the idea of eating healthily again, and need some support and inspiration to get back on track.

Imagine having the energy, vitality and body-confidence you want!

Clean-eating and raw food gives you…

  • Energy and vitality
  • Mental clarity
  • Emotional balance
  • Emotional space to experience joy and happiness
  • Self-confidence
  • Greater self-awareness

Our bodies and minds are scientifically proven to be made from what we eat, drink, breath and absorb and yet we fill ourselves with nutritionally low-grade foods, smoke and drink alcohol and expect our bodies not to grumble.

The Energise Your Life workshop will help you to  begin stepping more fully into your amazing physical, emotional and spiritual potential.

Ready to say "Yes, let's do it!"?

Serena Henderson, Writer and Grandmother

“I was enormously complemented on how I looked and that I seemed so much younger”

” At 61 working with Saskia really turned around my world and opened up a whole lot of realisations. I had an enormous sense of achievement and satisfaction. Saskia’s innate wisdom and guidance took me places that I hadn’t imagined possible and it is surely a testimonial that a year later I want to do the whole thing all over again.

Eating cleanly with a lot of raw food seems to level out any irrational moodiness and negative emotions and gave me a real clarity which was and is very exciting. And now, even a year later when I have deviated from the raw rood life style, I am still being told how well I look. My weight has stayed down and my energy up.

I highly recommend Saskia and Raw Freedom.”