8pm GMT, Tuesday 1st of May 2018

Let's make 2018 the year of journeying into ease and abundance!  Are you ready to shift your money mindset from one of fear and lack to one of trust and abundance? Are you ready for the Universe to provide what you dream of with ease and simplicity? Join me for 90 minutes of Money Magic transformation. This online workshop is totally free and open to all, with love from me, your Money Magic Coach, Saskia x 🙂


As someone who has changed her financial life from one of daily stress and struggle to one of ease and abundance, in this workshop I can't wait to guide you step-by-step through the powerful Money Magic practices that changed my life.  


These Money Magic practices can be used by anyone to manifest a life of financial ease and abundance. They're about getting clear what your heart truly wants. They're about understanding the emotional resistances that are stopping you from stepping into your full power around money. They're about the practical how-to of transforming fear and constriction around money into trust and self-belief. 

This workshop will teach you powerful practices that open you - mind, body and soul - to abundance and financial freedom.


Money Magic: How to Become Joyfully Empowered and Abundant with Money

1.  Is it really about the money? Finding the will to change your financial beliefs and habits.

2.  What's in the way? Removing emotional blocks to abundance and ease.

3.  Create your Financial Freedom Plan.

4.  Allowing the magic to happen!

You may well have been working really hard to try and change your relationship with money for years, with little success. If you feel panicky or hopeless about ever being able to change things, don't worry.  In this online workshop I will be holding your hand, giving you step-by-step practices for shifting your consciousness into one that allows Money Magic to happen with ease. This workshop is a safe and sacred space for you to explore your money stuff with loving support.

Believe in Yourself

Money Magic is a lot of fun!  And more powerful than you can know in terms of changing your experience of abundance and self-confidence.


What you need to attend this Online workshop

  • A computer, tablet, iPad or smart phone, to listen and interact in the workshop.
  • 90 minutes of no-interruptions time, to attend the workshop. This is an opportunity for you to show your commitment to allowing in the abundance and financial ease that is going to change your life.
  • Paper and pen for writing down your learnings - when it comes to transformation, writing your thoughts, feelings and goals down by hand is far more powerful than typing.
  • An open mind and a hope-filled heart 🙂

Join us at 8pm GMT on Tuesday 1st of May for an amazing experience that will kick-start your very own Money Magic in 2018.


P.s. If you have friends or family who would love this workshop too, please know it's open to everyone and you can send them the link to this sign-up page or click the social share buttons, with my love 🙂


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